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  • Setup and Tear-Down Included
  • Basic Dance Floor Wash Lighting Included
  • Professional MC and DJ
  • Experienced Reception Coordinator
  • Wireless Handheld UHF Microphones
  • Access to Planning Forms and Online Planning Tools
  • Reception Planning and Music Consultation

Wedding receptions and ceremonies are what I specialize in as a mobile DJ.  I am committed to providing my clients with a sense of professionalism and customer service that is both genuine and unique.  Please be sure to read my bio (DJ Matt Phipps) if you’d like more information about me as an individual and my credentials as a professional musician and DJ.  I mix music using turntables and feel above all else that this is ‘what I do’.  It’s so easy to get sidetracked at times, talking about AV, equipment and lighting, ambiance, the flow of events and proving myself to be an expert at what I do, but at the end of the day what got me into this profession was my love for music and my passion for reading a dance floor and showing them an unforgettable time celebrating through music and dance.

When meeting with prospective clients, I am sometimes asked if there is something that I do in particular to get the crowd moving and “into” the wedding if they are not dancing.  I reply, that usually all that is needed to get your guests interested in the dance floor and the special events, is through a well-planned itinerary and music programming.  Nowadays, it seems as though weddings vary more than ever.  Some couples like to do a lot of the traditional events, whereas others, not much at all.  It’s about customization and personalization and making sure that the event is a reflection of the couple and not just a ‘cookie cutter’ criteria of what everyone has seen before.

It’s also become very important for me as individual to clearly state my personal style from the beginning when it comes to MC’ing and overall microphone ‘work’.  I know that if I was going through the hiring process of a wedding DJ that my biggest concern would be how that person spoke on the microphone.  I know there are a lot of DJ’s out there who learn how to get guests on the dance floor and what to play and when, but something I don’t think you can teach is one’s personality.  I am a firm believer in the less-is-more approach, but really, it’s just my personality and style.  I know that across the nation there are some great wedding MC’s who really know what they are doing in the way of storytelling and games and such, but frankly that’s just not ‘me’.  I put my focus into what I do best, and that’s reading the crowd and working with my clients closely to ensure that the music and ambiance are customized and personal to them.  I do this in a way that is professional, classy and allows the guests to relax and take in the event as a whole.

Music, Lighting and Packages

I offer just about every lighting effect that is popular in the industry today.  Everything from Uplighting, Monograms, Wash Lighting, Intelligent Moving Heads on Glow Totems for ballroom events and larger functions, Texture Lighting, Cake Spotlighting and Centerpiece Pinspotting.  You can click on any of the links in the previous sentence to read more about them, or you can view them all at once on my event lighting page.

The Timeline and Itinerary

The timeline or “itinerary of events” is really where we put a lot of focus during the hiring and planning process.  While there are a lot of different opinions as to which itinerary is the best, and what benefits each way of doing things offers, we tend to lean towards “entertainment based” itineraries.  This mean, an itinerary that is putting it’s focus on the entertainment level of your guests.  Many itineraries tend to exclude the guests, putting the first dance right after the introduction, and then toasts right after, dinner, followed by all of the special event dances back to back.  This makes sense for many vendors, as it gets everything done as soon as possible, but it’s very negative potential side-effect is that it could lead to your guests spending too much time merely observing your wedding and events.  Our itinerary puts a focus on getting them involved early, and frequently.  If we can make sure they are always entertained and involved at every logistically-possible minute, your wedding will be a lot more fun, without a doubt.

Another common subject when speaking with prospective clients, is whether or not the person they are meeting with is the person that is going to be at their wedding.  I am bringing this up because it brings up a very important part of our service.  From the moment we send the first email, to the moment your wedding ends we offer a genuine relationship.  That means that we do NOT send anyone else out to our events.  We communicate with you in every means possible, from email, to facebook and twitter, over the phone, or in person to ensure that you always have the information you need, or our assistance in your wedding planning process.  We want to build a strong working relationship with you from beginning to end, so that your wedding not only exceeds your expectations, but our as well.  Many of our clients even keep up with us after their events, from listening to our recorded mixes, referring our services to their family and friends, or being recommendations for new clients, or even writing reviews for us on the web!

My goal is simple:  To provide my clients with a service that exceeds their expectations, while building a working relationship that is both real and genuine.