The Grand Tradition Wedding: Brian and Courtney

The Grand Tradition Wedding: Brian and Courtney

This was a wedding that took place at The Grand Tradition in Fallbrook California.  Brian came to find me as a referral from my friend and colleague DJ Dennis Jones.  Brian had originally found Dennis and was intrigued by his use of turntables and lighting as well as knowledge of EDM and dance music.  It was a lot of fun talking to Brian from the very beginning, because he was a smart and savvy groom that knew exactly what he was looking for.  We had a great initial interview where we discussed music, Brian and Courtney’s wants and needs and package options.  Brian ended up going with my enhanced package, and then adding some uplighting.  Brian, much more than most grooms, really knew the importance of setting the mood with lighting at their wedding.

They had a beautiful dance floor monogram.  This wasn’t the easiest thing to setup however.  Being that the Bride & Groom are located on the stage at The Grand Tradition, it made it really challenging to have the Gobo light on the stage and creating a large enough monogram on the dance floor, without getting too much into the way.  I thought it would be an easy setup, but once I got there with the equipment I realized that the corners of the room were out of the question because of a several foot lip with elegant crown molding that made it so you can’t put the gobo light stand in the corners.  Luckily, after much configuring and tweaking I was able to get the dance floor monogram looking great.

Brian also was VERY interested in a lot of uplighting.  So we made sure to have 17 uplights that were strategically placed with alternating colors.  I find that alternating colors are most typical at corporate events — usually one color or DMX is the popular choice at weddings.  It offered a unique look to the ballroom and definitely made the overall appeal a much “younger” or “hipper” look.  The Grand Tradition ballroom is a classic mansion, so anything you can do to make the interior a little “hipper” can only be a good thing on the dance floor.


Introduction Music:  “Right Round” by Flo Rida (bridal party) and “Bromance” (Instrumental) by Tim Berg for the Bride & Groom.


First Dance Song:  “Can’t Stop Falling in Love” by Ingrid Michaelson


Very happy couple…


Towards the end of dinner, the Bride & Groom had a slideshow presentation for the guests.  This was rather easy at The Grand Tradition considering all of the AV is built into the room.  The screen comes out of the ceiling and the projector is mounted there as well.  The only hiccup would be that the Bride & Groom had to get out of their seats (on stage) in order to view it with the rest of the guests.  Needless to say, the Bride & Groom looked very happy while they were enjoying their presentation.


And a toast to the Newlyweds…


And as usual, I got all of the guests on the dance floor by starting off with a classic and romantic slow dance with all of the guests.  This is a great way to play into the romance of the event and get all of the guests out of their seat.


As the dancing continued many of the guests dispersed and began using the Photobooth which was located on the deck outside of the room.  While it’s not my intention to speak negatively of Photobooth’s, I can say that it almost always pulls away from the dance floor.  It’s a competition.  Some will stay and dance, but most of the younger guests will be caught up in the photobooth until it’s time for it to start packing up.  Luckily, this almost always means a large dance floor surge, as soon as the photobooth shuts down.  My advice is always the same with this situation:  Either a) put the photobooth in the same room as the dance floor if you can and b) always have the photobooth leave before the wedding is over so you still get a nice packed dance floor towards the end of the reception.  With the Grand Tradition, Brian chose option B.


Garter Removal Song:  “Oh Yeah” by Yello


And then, the late night surge of dancing.  Since Brian really liked EDM (Electronic Dance Music) I was sure to put in things like “Barbra Streisand” by Duck Sauce, Levels by Aviici and many other dance music hits.  It was a lot of fun!


Very happy and good looking couple!


The Sparkler Goodbye is always a beautiful photo opportunity.  Special thanks to Gary and Courtney Christansen for their photos!  It wasn’t the first time I’ve worked with Gary and Courtney and it’s always a treat.  Beautiful photos and great conversation throughout the events, they are a great husband and wife team of wedding photographers.

A special thanks to Brian and Courtney for having me as their wedding DJ.  It was a lot of fun to work with you!

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