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Project Description

Landscape or Architecture.  Indoor or Outdoor.

Uplighting is the most popular enhancement for any venue.  From a private home or backyard all the way to an elegant ballroom with other decor lighting ,Uplighting allows for full control of a room’s ambiance.  You can dim the lighting, or perfectly match the colors to emulate the feeling everything from a candlelit dinner for example.  A more saturated color offers more of a VIP lounge feel, providing light but without being too bright or revealing.  You can also use uplighting to accent features of a ballroom, landscape, or architecture to make certain features stand out allowing for customization and creativity.

LED Uplighting fixtures emit no heat so they are safe for children and do not pose a fire hazard as traditional fixtures do.  The fixtures Choice Entertainment uses are color changing LED lights with 5 in 1 bulbs.  This means you get the full spectrum of color from Red, Green, Blue, Amber and White from 0-255 on the color wheel allowing for a lot of customization. Uplighting is a cost effective way to enhance your venue compared to other lighting enhancements and has become the most popular upgrade in the way of event lighting.  Lighting makes all the difference!  Please be sure to view our blog where you can see many events with uplighting examples.


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