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Project Description


Short throw projector and rear projector screen.

Choice Entertainment offers projector and screen rentals for your AV needs.  If you are planning a slideshow presentation for your event, we can provide a tablet or laptop to display the files as well onto our large rear-projection screen with a short-throw projector behind the screen.  This allows for the projector to be hidden and for the screen to have the aesthetic of a very large TV.   It is a high lumens projector so the picture is HD and very bright even for those dimly-lit cocktail hours or outdoor venues.  The projector and screen will work perfectly in nearly any environment as well, outdoor or indoor, as I use a screen that has “guy lines” for securing it into the ground when necessary.

While I invite customers to create their own slideshows and in that situation you can bring your own laptop or tablet to project the slideshow, I also have a service where you will provide photos and I will create a high quality slideshow for you using Final Cut Pro.  This is a level above your typical iPhoto or Powerpoint slideshow as it will have movie quality title screens and chapter screens and will have high quality, rendered transitions with customizable timing.

Choice Entertainment also offers A/V solutions in the way of audio with quality sound systems for rent for presentations, board meetings, church functions, etc.  If there is something we can do to assist your A/V needs please fill out a contact form about your event and someone will get back to you shortly with availability and pricing information.  Thanks for your interest!