Rancho Buena Vista Adobe Wedding: Sean and Jess

Rancho Buena Vista Adobe Wedding: Sean and Jess

Today I’m blogging about a wedding from the 2013 season at the Rancho Buena Vista Adobe in Vista California.  I actually attended Vista High School and at one point in my life, lived extremely close to this venue, so in a way it makes me feel very relaxed to work in a venue that is so close to home.  Sean came to find my services through, I’m guessing, the internet.  He actually called me first, which believe it or not is more rare this day and age as most people interested in my services will simply contact me through my website.  It was actually really refreshing to chat with Sean for a bit about the hypotheticals, the music, the layout and the venue and so on.  It was shortly after than Sean, Jess and I all had a nice video chat as it was more convenient at the time considering everyones busy schedules.  We had a great consultation about music and itinerary events and shortly after they decided to hire me for their wedding!

One of the more standout things about Sean and Jess’s wedding was that they had a bluegrass band:  The Rocky Neck Bluegrass Band for their ceremony seating music, special events songs for the ceremony and then again later for cocktail hour.  They sounded awesome!  I am not a typical wedding DJ in the sense that I feel the need to compete with live performers.  In fact, my approach is to help them and if there isn’t much else to do, I like to sit and listen as I am a big fan of live music and even bluegrass.  I thought this was a very unique and nice touch for Sean and Jess’s reception and the band sounded awesome, adding a really memorable flavor to the music formatting of the day.

After the cocktail hour commenced, we had our wedding party introductions, and moved into the reception area where toasts, dancing and a lot more dancing took place.  The dance floor was extremely packed the entire night and I don’t think myself, Sean or Jess really expected the crowd to be that energetic and enthusiastic on the dance floor!  It was a really pleasant surprise having a crowd that was that fun to mix for.

Rancho Buena Vista Adobe Wedding Ceremony

Sean and Jess used the garden area at the venue to have their ceremony. It was emotional and beautiful from not only the amazing bluegrass music, but the message they both shared to each other. Not a dry eye in the audience. You can tell these two really have a lot of love for each other.

Rancho Buena Vista Adobe Wedding | DJ San Diego

I had to add this shot because I just thought it was a great photo. A great looking couple with a really fun wedding party behind them in an almost symbolic pose for this photo.

Gourmet food truck | rancho buena vista adobe wedding

Now there has certainly been a surge in gourmet food trucks at weddings. Some of them I have seen not work out so great, but the company that Sean and Jess chose was amazing. Great food, and they did a great job of keeping everything moving along at a great pace. Kudos!

Rancho Buena Vista Adobe Wedding First Dance

Sean and Jess had their first dance together as a married couple. The weather was perfect, the lighting was mood setting, and I don’t think a thing could have been more perfect for them.

Cutting the Cake - Rancho Buena Vista Adobe wedding

I really liked the use of lighting here as Sean and Jess cut the cake. It was really hard for me to see this in the moment as I was behind the guests on the other side of the venue, so I’m glad I got to see this photo.

Open Dancing Rancho Buena Vista Adobe Wedding

The end of the night, after the special events took place, ended up being an absolute blast on the dance floor. I am pretty sure it exceeded all of our expectations for the end of the night party. The ambiance and weather were absolutely perfect for a fun night under the stars to celebrate with this truly awesome couple.

Many thanks to Sean and Jess for having me be a part of their special day. I truly enjoyed working with you every step of the way and I know that by your reviews and kind emails after the event, you felt the same about me and I appreciate that immensely.  Thanks to Studio Carre Photographie for the amazing photos as well!  This wedding was featured in Ceremony Magazine in January of 2014.  You can find the issue by clicking on THIS text.

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  1. Parker February 12, 2014 at 9:04 pm - Reply

    Never knew this venue existed. Looks pretty nice

  2. Matt Phipps February 13, 2014 at 8:50 am - Reply

    Yeah, it’s right behind La Paloma in Vista. I used to live in that area and I had no idea it was even there until I started DJ’ing weddings there.

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