Orange County Residence Wedding: Mike and Brittany

Orange County Residence Wedding: Mike and Brittany

Mike and Brittany first came to find my services from my friend and colleague Jill Thomas (Jill Thomas Photography).  Jill and I have worked together many times before and she has been so very gracious in sending me some amazing clients.  Mike and Brittany are also professional Wedding Photographers in Orange County, so it was really cool to meet with them and hear their ideas and preferences.  I knew that they would have a strong sense of what they wanted at their wedding because of this, so I did my best to do more listening then talking when we met.  It seemed like we all hit it off great at our meeting and it was shortly after that they booked my services.

The ceremony was beautiful.  I setup off to the side to make use of my wireless lapel mic.  Mike and Brittany had a friend play some acoustic guitar:  “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver was played for the wedding & bridal party introduction.  The ceremony location turned out to be very photogenic and intimate with all of their closest family and friends closely by.  I loved the exit music too, one of my favorite bands:  “Grown Ocean” by Fleet Foxes.

After the ceremony and some photos the guests migrated to the backyard for drinks and hors d’oeuvres.  As you can see from the photo it was decorated and layed out perfectly.  Dinner and dancing on a long wooden deck really aided the vintage decor.

Introduction Song:  “Make My Dreams” by Hall and Oates

The First Dance:  “You Are The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne

A great song by a great artist.  Ray isn’t exactly in the Pop Music limelight but his voice and songs are instant classics.  I really enjoyed Mike and Brittany’s taste in music!  For dinner, they used some French Bistro type music which was an amazing choice at really setting an ambiance that was unique and customized to the Bride & Groom.

On one side the wedding party, the other side, the guests.  Dancing took place inside the gazebo.

The Wedding Party

After dinner and some special events, the party started.  Mike and Brittany and many of their friends really enjoyed dancing and let me tell you, this was an absolute DANCE party!  They also happen to like the very cheesy “Air Horn” sample often spammed into club music.  Don’t remember the sound?  Click here for a sample.  So I bound the sample to the “dicers” on my turntables and began spamming it throughout the night.  This was actually a lot of fun!  Not so much in being obnoxious (and having permission to be) but just seeing everyone’s reaction everytime I’d hit the button.  It was a blast!

With so many fun dancers and clubbers amongst the guests, I was able to mix a set that I really rarely get to mix at weddings.  With stuff like Fatman Scoop, Old School 90’s Hip Hop and other club bangers, I was completely amped.  I’ll never forget the rush of adrenaline I had while DJ’ing for this group.  I feel as though I was really on point with the mix too and from what I saw on the dance floor, the guests agreed!

A sincere thanks to Jill Thomas for referring me Mike and Brittany.  And a very sincere thanks to Mike Radford Photography for not only having me be a part of their special day, but also for referring me!  We have had the pleasure of working together since their wedding, so not only are they past clients, but friends and colleagues.

Lastly, you can see that their wedding was also featured on Green Wedding Shoes Website.  Check it out:

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