Oceanside El Corazon Senior Center: Hunter and Lily

Oceanside El Corazon Senior Center: Hunter and Lily

Lily and Hunter came to hire my services, via the mother of the bride Syndy.  Being that Lily and Hunter are an Airforce couple currently residing in Las Vegas, there was a lot of planning that Syndy had to take care of for them.  I’d have to say that Syndy did an outstanding job hiring great wedding vendors, and transforming the unlikely wedding venue: El Corazon Senior Center, into a beautiful and unique wedding ceremony and reception location!

Lily and Hunter are a kind of bride and groom that seem to find my services over and over again, as genuine music lovers.  It might have something to do wtih the name of our business “Choice Entertainment” hinting that we offer people with choices.  I usually reflect that this is the type of person I am and that I relate well with people who are also very musically oriented.  At my own wedding in 2009, the DJ (good friend Steve Hasty) did not pick out a song until the dancing started!  This was exactly the case with Lily and Hunter.  They had created an absolutely awesome cocktail and dinner playlist that transcended the standard pop music choices and typical dinner jazz, but was a well balanced mix of Indie, Down Tempo Electronica, and more Indie.

As a DJ I am not always this fortunate to be able to hear such great mood-setting music.  Often times I am having to choose what is “safe” for people, as my goal above all else is to please the general demographic and not my own personal tastes.  But being that I have a love for this kind of music (think 94.9’s “Big Sonic Chill”) it was great to hear.

Contrarily, once dancing started there wasn’t too much guidance.  The general idea was to stay away from the annoying pop and make people dance.  Pretty much that is like music to my ears, because of course annoying pop is well… annoying.  But also having freedom of music during the dancing portion of a wedding reception allows me to read the crowd and the dance floor with freedom to respond to anything they seem to enjoy.

On the vendor side of things, I enjoyed working with the coordinator and her assistant Jen Haase from “Day of Love”.  The photographer was a lot of fun as well, Timothy from James Croft Photography.  All in all the wedding was a great success.

Special Event Songs

Introduction Music:  “Baba O’Riley” by The Who

First Dance:  “I Should Have Known Better” by She and Him

Father / Daughter Dance:  “To Sir With Love” by Lulu

Bouquet Toss:  “The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room” by Flight of the Concordes

Garter Toss:  “Oh Yeah” by Yello

Last Dance:  “Baby I’m Yours” by Arctic Monkey’s

Goodbye Line:  “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey

Vendor Information

El Corazon Senior Center in Oceanside

3302 Senior Center Drive
Oceanside, CA 92056-2691
(760) 435-5300

Vendor Information

Entertainment: DJ Matt Phipps (Choice Entertainment Owner/Operator)

Services Provided:  Wedding Reception DJ, Reception Coordinator, Ceremony Sound.

Number of Guests: 120

Day of Coordinator:  Jen Haase from Day of Love

Photographer: Timothy from James Croft Photography


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