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We offer high quality market lighting in San Diego and Southern California.  Market Lighting, String Lighting, or Italian Market Lighting are all names referred to this very popular effect that is the perfect enhancement for any wedding, or event.  Market Lighting provides soft off-white color to illuminate your dinner party, or special event with a touch of class and elegance.  It works perfectly with or without effects like uplighting and is most often times the center or basis of all event lighting.

We offer professionally draped Market Lighting with vintage edison bulbs, or a standard market lighting bulb.  We have the option for a dimmer as well, which allows for versatility and flexibility when it comes to the overall brightness of your event.  Avoiding TOO bright of an effect is important as it can take away from a dancing atmosphere if you are having entertainment.  Our stands are professional and classy and are not weights, or barrels of water/sand draped with a tablecloth, but a high end professionally weight base stand for the highest level aesthetic on the market.  Market Lighting is one of our most popular lighting effects, so get a quote today!