Darlington House Wedding: Matt and Hazel

Darlington House Wedding: Matt and Hazel

Matt and Hazel were referred to me by a past client, Michael and Alexis.  We first met at a coffee shop to discuss music and itinerary details.  I gave Matt and Hazel a basic rundown of my services, and it seemed as though we all were on the same page.  Personal referrals are always a great way to begin a meeting, because the referee has already given some great insight as to how you work, and what to expect.  I felt as though Matt and Hazel were a great fit for my DJ style, and they booked me shortly after the meeting.

I have worked at The Darlington House many times in the past but at this particular wedding, there were more people than I had ever DJ’d before.  Having the dance floor on the center of the rather than close to the firepit turned out to be a great choice!  It allowed for the dance floor and speeches to be very symetrical in the overal layout, and it really made the dance floor seem packed all night (which it was!).

The introductions were set to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor for the wedding party, and then as the Bride & Groom entered we used “Without You” by Usher and David Guetta.


First Dance Song:  “I’ll Be Your Love” by Van Morrison



After the first dance the bride & groom took the microphone for a welcome to the guests.  I think this is such a classy way to start off a wedding reception, and it seems so much more sincere to hear the bride & groom’s “thank you’s” when they have their own independent time slot, and prior to the toast order.



And then they danced!  This was one of the most fun and energetic crowds of all of 2012.  I have video coverage on my cell phone of the crowd just absolutely loving the music and dancing.  It was a lot of fun to be the DJ at this event!



As you can see it was a very large crowd for The Darlington House….



Soon, I’ll have another blog post up of The Darlington House from another 2012 Wedding, where we used this area as the dancing area.  I was amazed at how versatile The Darlington House can actually be if you diversify some of the layout.



And more dancing….



Garter Toss Song:  “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye

This is my personal favorite garter removal song.  Something about the first few notes that really seem to set the perfect mood and ambiance for this event.



And still more dancing!  Like I said, this wedding was an absolute blast on the dance floor.  The guests truly loved to dance and they proved it on this perfect May evening.



Thanks so much to Matt and Hazel for having me as their wedding DJ and to Alexis and Michael for referring them my way!  It was great to work with Atrero Photography and special thanks for the photos!

Also, it was a sincere pleasure working for the very first time “Bellz and Whistlez“.  Cyril was the coordinator I worked with and I had never worked with her before.  She was a friend of the bride, but also a professional wedding coordinator.  I thought that Cyril and Bellz and Whistelz as a whole, did an absolutely fantastic job.  From the color coded timeline with very clear instruction, to having an assistant handy for when things got a little tricky (customized “stories” with hard to pronounce names I had to MC) was very helpful and it didn’t go unnoticed!


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