Bernardo Winery Wedding: Farin and Blake

Bernardo Winery Wedding: Farin and Blake

So today on the blog, I am going way back to November of 2011. As I was searching through photos I have collected of past events, I realized that I had never actually blogged Farin and Blakes wedding, and since I have kept in contact with Farin through social media, and I really enjoyed working with Farin and Blake, I thought I would take some time to share the story. Farin and Blake came to find my services through which led them to my site and then of course, a consultation between us. We met and talked about everything from music, itinerary and of course the venue itself as they have some strict noise constraints and also their own sound system that DJ’s must use for the reception and ceremony.

At first, I was very intimidated by this and I voiced this very open and honestly with Farin and Blake. I wanted to ensure that they were comfortable with the service I was providing when the system and sound quality were in fact out of my control. So we opted to have a walkthrough at the venue where I plugged into the system and we listened to everything to ensure it would work well with my system and that there weren’t any other matters to consider with the sound and entertainment as a whole. Everything seemed to check out, so they proceeded to hire me for their wedding that coming November.

The day of the wedding, we woke up to rainfall. Not just any rainfall either. Some of the heaviest rainfall I have seen in San Diego, in a long time. This of course opted for all kinds of day-of fun with the venue relocating the reception under their covered patio and extending it with a tent to be able to house all of Farin and Blakes guests. Also, all of the talk and planning of me using the system at Bernardo Winery was out the door. I ended up using my own system (which I strongly preferred!) instead, as the location had moved and the new location was not suited for an in-house system. I actually think this turned out awesome because it was a win/win for everyone. Farin and Blake got the highest quality sound which was important to us all, and being that it was so rainy and loud from the weather, the venue didn’t need to ask me to turn down ONCE throughout the evening. That being said, the dance floor was packed and everyone had an absolutely amazing time. This was one of my favorite weddings of 2011 because it was a journey and one that turned out to be even better than expected in the end.

Wedding DJ | Bernardo Winery

A very energetic wedding party introduction. The layout was much different than anticipated, but I thought the guests and wedding party did an awesome job of making a nice hallway in the center of the room for the introduced, to come dancing through.

Bernardo Winery Wedding San Diego

I think there is nothing more classy, than having the bride and/or groom take the mic at some point and thank their guests for coming. While it isn’t for everyone, particularly those not so into public speaking, it’s a great idea for anyone up for the limelight.

Bernardo Winery First Dance

This is the couples first dance. Such an amazing photograph thanks to True Photography. Fact: My wife walked by when I was writing this blog and said “Wow, what a beautiful bride”.

Bernardo Winery Wedding Reception Photos

Of course one of the most traditional things to take place at any wedding, is to dance with those who are most important in your life. Sometimes it’s your parents, sometimes it’s your grandparents, sometimes it’s just someone that means a lot to you.

Bernardo Winery Cake Cutting

After a bit of open dancing and special events, it’s time for the bride & groom to cut the cake so we’d have plenty of time for more dancing, drinking and good times!

Bernardo Winery Wedding DJ

Of course, Farin is getting down to the sounds! Farin really had a passion for music and dancing and I am so glad that I was able to deliver and show her and her guests, and her new husband Blake a fun time on the dance floor. This was definitely one of those weddings that went above and beyond all of my expectations.

Bernardo Winery Wedding Sign

And lastly, a special thanks to Bernardo Winery for helping me through a what would have been a difficult day. Changing plans last minute and seeing the stress on everyones face when you arrive is always a challenge. I feel as though the staff at Bernardo Winery did a fantastic job rolling with the punches and making Farin and Blakes day special, even with all of the unforeseen circumstances. I have had a lot of inquiries for this venue since, but I haven’t actually booked one. Perhaps it’ll fall into place when the time is right!

Also, a special thanks to True Photography for sending these amazing pictures. They are really great at what they do and I am glad to have been working with them since both of our companies were just getting off the ground. I have yet to work with a photographer at True Photography that I didn’t feel really great things about. They always seem to be talented, professional, accommodating and fun to work with. Keep up the good work!

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